Malthe Stigaard / News
  1. 5.02.2014

    Opening of Group Exhibition Prospects & Concepts at Art Rotterdam

  2. 11.05.2013

    Opening of group exhibition One Another, curated by Malthe Stigaard

  3. 18.01.2013

    Opening of group exhibition HomeBase Festival at HomeBase LAB Berlin

  4. 05.11.2012

    3 month residency at HomeBase Project, Berlin

  5. 21.09.2012

    Opening of You and I at Tetterode

  6. 29.08.2012

    Participating in Alt_Cph, Copenhagen through the art space 68m2

  7. 20.08.2012

    Participating in Group exhibition Started, shown at NTK Gallery, Prague

  8. 22.07.2012

    1 month residency at Arbor Vitae foundation, Prague.

  9. 23.05.2012:

    Premiere of The Domestic Life at Cinema Zuid, Antwerpen

  10. About the film

    The Domestic Life tells the story of four characters by giving them attention inside a theatre space, surrounded by multiple cameras and lights.  At times, their difficult interaction poses questions about how people relate to each other, at other times we see them exist in different tones and expressions. The Domestc Life deals with the difference between acting and simply being, and between private versus public life.

    Malthe Stigaard and Re’em Aharoni came to work together from the same interest in people’s function in society. Malthe’s work often documents group interaction, either in a staged manner or in a public sphere. Re’em’s work is concentrated on the individual and the many voices an individual possibly contains. In this work they melt their interests into one body that explores both domestic and “wild” life.

  11. 01.05.2012:

    5 month residency at M4 Gastaterlier, Amsterdam.

  12. 17.10.2011:

    6 months residency at AIR Antwerpen, Antwerpen.